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  • 32 oz.

Ann Clark Gourmet Yellow Cake Mix with Chocolate Mousse Frosting


As a leading manufacturer of baking supplies, ingredients and food coloring, at Ann Clark we eat a lot of cake. But we've always been unsatisfied by the taste and quality of the cake mixes currently on the market When we set out to create our gourmet cake and frosting mixes, we had a singular goal in mind: to create delicious cakes we'd be proud to serve at even the most special occasions. We challenged our team to develop recipes that offer the convenience of a cake mix, but with uncompromisingly great taste and texture. The result: Ann Clark Gourmet Cake and Frosting Mix. Our gourmet cake and frosting mix produces a bakery-quality, tender yellow cake with topped with lusciously smooth glossy chocolate frosting. Discover the Ann Clark difference - Bakery-quality cakes that you can make at home! You will need eggs, vegetable oil, and milk.
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