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Flower cookies decorated with royal icing

Cookie Decorating Classes

Many top cookie artists (cookiers) offer online and in-person cookie decorating classes. Learn the basics or master new techniques from the professionals.

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Name Cookier Name Bio Skill Level Recipes Class Link
Ann Clark Ltd. The OG of Cookie Cutters Shares her favorite recipes, tips and tricks. Classes are available online & on-demand. Beginner to Intermediate Link Link
Flour Box Bakery Anne Yorks Creating cookies is all about having the right tools and great tutorials. That's what the Flour Box is all about. Classes are online & on-demand. All Levels Link
Lila Loa Georganne Bell Do you want to make incredible and delicious decorated sugar cookies, but you don't know where to start? Lilaloa has you covered! Classes are online & on-demand. All Levels Link Link
The Graceful Baker Grace Gaylord With approachable designs using cookie cutters you likely already have, Grace specializes in classes designed for those just starting their cookie art journey. Classes available online & on-demand. Beginner to Intermediate Link
Arty McGoo Elizabeth Adams Arty McGoo dedicates her ninja skill in cookie artistry to teaching and enabling other cookie artists! Classes are offered online & on-demand and in-person. Advanced Link
Tunde's Creations Tunde Dugantsi Tunde's goal is to share her beautiful tradition of gingerbread with her students. Classes are offered in-person in Bowling Green, KY. Intermediate to advanced Link
Julia Usher Julia Usher Julia is an award winning sugar artist with a specialty in 3D cookie decorating. Classes are offered online & on-demand. Advanced Link
SweetAmbs Amber Spiegel Sweet and whimsical are the vibe with Sweet Ambs' fun and informative cookie tutorials. Classes are offered online & on-demand. All Levels Link
Learn to Cake Susan Triano Don't be fooled by the name, Susan has a lot of cookie fun going on!! Classes available online & on-demand. Intermediate to Advanced Link Link
Downtown Dough T.O. Megan Warne Unique and artistic, one of a kind cookie designs. Classes are available online & on-demand, or in person in Toronto, CA. Advanced Link
Sweet Kiwi Cupcakes & Cookies Nikki Mathews The look on your loved one's face when they see something that has been created just for them, is worth the extra work to make it super special. Nikki will show you how to make cookie magic happen! Classes available in-person in South Surrey, BC, Canada. Intermediate Link
Sweet Nelsons Ashley Nelson Making life sweeter, one cookie at a time! Classes available in-person in Bethlehem, CT. All Levels Link
Grunderfully Delicious Kristen Grunder Create custom cookies that are carefully crafted and enjoyed by all! Classes available in-person in Anaheim, CA. Beginner Link Link
Bearfoot Baker Lisa Snyder Learn how to make fun and exciting things in the comfort of your own kitchen. Classes available online & on-demand. All Levels Link Link
The Floured Canvas Jodi Till Amazingly detailed little works of art on each cookie! Classes available in-person in Sacramento, CA or on-demand. Advanced Link
The International Sugar Art Collection Nicholas Lodge The International Sugar Art Collection by Nicholas Lodge is the school where Nicholas teaches all levels and aspects of sugar art, cake decorating and cold porcelain. Classes available in-person in Norcross, GA. Advanced Link
Sugar Bot Sweet Shop Jackie Huebbe Adorable designs that you will fall in love with! Classes available in-person in Saint Charles, MO. Beginner / Intermediate Link
The Hungry Hippopotamus Stephanie Kappel Amazingly detailed one of a kind cookie designs! Classes available online & on-demand. Intermediate-Advanced Link
The Painted Box Angela Nino If amazingly detailed cookies are what you aspire to then you have found your instructor! Classes available online & on-demand. Intermediate / Advanced Link
Tweets Cookie Connection Teri Lewis One of a kind, amazingly detailed little works of art. Classes available in-person. Intermediate / Advanced Link
Plenty O’ Cookies Alex Schedule a Drag Queen Cookie Decorating Workshop, where you’ll create fabulous and jaw-dropping cookies like never before. Classes available in-person. Link
Cookies Art by Shirlyn Shirlyn Leong For cookies that pop, this is where you need to look! Classes available online & on-demand and in-person. Intermediate / Advanced Link
You Can Call Me Sweetie Sandie Beltran Amazing...these cookies are so beautiful you might want to frame them! Classes available online & on-demand. Advanced Link
Chua Cookie Arlene Chua You won't want to eat these cookies; they are little works of art! Classes are in-person in Staten Island, NY All Levels Link
The Fox and Pantry Kim Joles Exquisite, detailed and beautiful one-of-a-kind designs. Classes held in-person in Plymouth, MN. Advanced Link
Four Peas and a Dog Leslie Marchio Unbelievably detailed works of art! Classes held in-person in Robbinsville, NJ. All Levels Link
Done to a Tee Terri Fry Fun for all ages! Classes available in-person in San Diego, CA. All Levels Link Link
Sweet Dani B Dani Fiori For the sweetest designs, check out Dani's classes! Available in-person in Asbury Park, NJ All Levels Link
A Modern Cookie Kimberlee Marlow Fun classes for all levels! Classes available in-person in Phoenix, AZ. All Levels Link
Randi Raye's Cookies Randi Raye It's all in the details, and the icing! Classes available in-person in Sacramento, CA. All Levels Link
Playing with Dough Gayle Malone Gayle will help you celebrate life's moments with beautiful and delicious, classic or custom home-baked cookies. Classes available in-person in San Jose, CA. All Levels Link
Lenny & Eva Cara Lynn Create cookies that express your unique style! Classes available online & on-demand. All Levels Link
The Purple Cupcake Julie Sweet and fun designs that will make your heart sing! Classes available in-person in Vancouver, Canada. All Levels Link
The Painted Pastry Sabrina Sabrina is all about creating unique and beautiful baked goods! Classes available online & on-demand. All Levels Link
Sugar and Sparrow Kelly Mindell Kelly's cookie designs are sure to impress! Classes available online & on-demand. All Levels Link

Have upcoming or online cookie decorating class you would like us to list?

Submit the details of your event to including: cookier name, owner's name, short bio and link, skill level(s) and class link.

We will review all submissions and post the appropriate classes here.

Please note: All classes are offered by independent cookie artists with no direct involvement from Ann Clark Ltd.

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