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  • 2.5 oz.

Ann Clark Premium Espresso Powder, 2.5 oz


Meet your secret weapon for indulgent desserts and savory meals: Ann Clark Premium Espresso Powder. Add robust flavor to any chocolate desserts, savory rubs, and coffee-flavored treats with the deep, rich tones of this espresso powder designed especially for bakers. Roasted from pure 100% robusta coffee beans, this espresso powder delivers a bold finish with notes of dark chocolate and walnuts. The fine powder dissolves easily into batters, custards, frostings, and glazes.

  • Intensify chocolate flavor: Espresso powder is the secret ingredient used by pastry chefs for rich, indulgent chocolate desserts. Add a teaspoon to brownie or cake batter, ganache or buttercream to deepen and intensify the chocolate flavor.
  • Fast-dissolving & easy to use: Mix espresso powder into glazes or batters to enhance chocolate flavor or create coffee-flavored desserts. Dissolves instantly in liquid for silky, velvety batters and toppings.
  • Versatile: Perfect not only for sweet desserts, but also savory dishes from Mexican mole to meat rubs. Deep, nutty notes of coffee add subtle complexity to any marinade or rub.
  • Finest Ingredients: Sourced from 100% robusta coffee beans that are roasted, brewed, dried, and finely ground to impart rich, bold coffee flavor.
  • Our promise: Uncompromisingly great taste. Ann Clark has been a trusted name among bakers for decades. Each product goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it tastes phenomenal.
  • Made in the USA: Ann Clark premium baking mixes and ingredients are developed with pride in our test kitchen in Rutland, Vermont, sourced from the finest local and imported ingredients.
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