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Cookie cutters can do much more than cut cookie dough into fun shapes. Here's a few ideas on how to use this very versatile kitchen tool to shape food, do crafts, and make gifts. You can also go to the Ann Clark blog for an ongoing source of fresh ideas.



Shaping Cookie Dough

Of course the most common use of a cookie cutter is to cut cookie dough into different shapes. Sugar cookies and gingerbread are the most popular doughs to use. Ann Clark can make nearly 2,000 cookie cutter shapes and stocks more than 800 of these shapes in our inventory.

Biscuit Cutting

Tired of round biscuits? Try using different cookie cutters to shape the dough before baking. For example, use a Heart shape biscuit for Valentine's Day or an Easter Egg for Easter dinner.

Pastry Cutter

Pastries will be more fun to bake and to eat when soft pastry dough is cut into a variety of shapes using cookie cutters.

Fondant cutter

Are you decorating a cake and want a perfect and consistent shape cut out of fondant? Use a cookie cutter. They're the perfect tool for quickly cutting rolled fondant.

Cheese Cutter

Transform your cheese platter into a holiday or party theme by shaping the cheese with cookie cutters. Match the size of the cookie cutter to the size of the cheese for best results.

Sandwich Cutter

Need to motivate a picky eater? Try using a cookie cutter as a sandwich bread cutter. Who wouldn't like a butterfly or cat face shaped sandwich?

Making Shapes Out of Soft Fruit

Make a seasonal or some other themed fruit salad by cutting soft fruit with a cookie cutter. You can use a flower-shaped cutter to make a lovely fruit bouquet.


Make and serve creatively shaped desserts such brownies, Jello, rice crispy treats, cheesecake, and even ice cream sandwiches.

Pancakes & French Toast

Make breakfast more interesting with cookie cutters. Shape pancakes by pouring pancake batter into a (greased) cutter. Carefully remove the hot cutter with tongs or a potholder when it is time to flip the pancakes. To make French Toast use cookie cutters to cut the bread before making the French Toast.




Get crafty with Ann Clark cookie cutters. Use the shapes as a stencil, mold or base for your project. We've seen homemade Christmas ornaments, coat racks, wind chimes, candles, potato stamps and many more made from our cookie cutter shapes.


Ann Clark Cookie Cutters make great (and affordable) decorations. Use as low cost Christmas tree ornaments, napkin rings, make a cookie cutter wreath, hang on a garland, hang from a cork board or place on a shelf. Choose the cutters that are perfect for the occasion.




Sometimes the perfect gift is inexpensive. Show someone how well you know them by getting them a cookie cutter to match their passions. From trout for a fisherman to a horse for a horse lover we have over 800 shapes in stock to please the people in your life. Cookie cutters make a fun and unexpected gift. They can also be used as decoration in gift packaging.

Gift Baskets

Making a gift basket? Cookie cutters are small, lightweight and attractive. This affordable item is perfect to include in gift baskets.

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for small inexpensive items to add to a stocking? Consider cookie cutters. Most cutters will fit easily into a stocking and won't add much weight.

Secret Santa Presents

Cookie cutters make great Secret Santa presents. They easily fall within a small gift budget and will be a delightful surprise.




Cookie cutters make great favors for weddings, showers and parties because they are pretty, low cost and work with a number of themes. Dress them up with ribbons, fabric, craft paper and more.

Decorated Cookies

Make, decorate and package attractive cookies. Place them on a dessert table or sell them in your fundraising efforts.


Play "Guess the number of cookie cutters" or "What shape is the cookie cutter."


Use cookie cutters as a prize at your event or fundraiser. If you can't find a stock shape to work for this need consider a custom cookie cutter from Ann Clark.

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