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How to Slice a Cake

How to Slice a Cake

Goodbye messy cakes and slices! No more smooshed slices, deflated cakes, and frosting smears. You just baked a gourmet masterpiece--your cake slices should reflect that same high level of quality. We're here to help. Below are some tips and tricks for getting clean, beautiful slices of cake every time.

How to Cut a Cake

Tip #1: Chill your cake before slicing
Pop your cake in a refrigerator for 15-30 minutes before slicing. This firms up the frosting and the cake, so that you get cleaner, neater slices.

Tip #2: Use a sharp, serrated knife
We found that a 5-8" thin serrated knife with a sharp point works best. The serrated blade allows you to gently saw through the cake, and apply less pressure than with a straight blade. The result? Less frosting migration onto the slice, and a less smooshed cake.

Tip #3: If you chilled your cake, run your knife under hot water.
A warm knife will cut through chilled a hot knife through butter. To warm up your knife, run it under hot tap water for a few seconds, then dry with a lint-free cloth. Now that your knife is warm, you can get to slicing!

Tip #4: Clean the knife between passes
This might seem obvious, but make sure you have a clean, lint-free towel on hand to clean the knife between slices. A clean knife means fewer stray crumbs and frosting smears on your cake slices.

And there you have it! Armed with these tips for clean cake slices, you'll be serving up gourmet pieces of cake at your next gathering!

How to Cut a Cake

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