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How to Make the Transition Back to School Sweeter

How to Make the Transition Back to School Sweeter

Summer has come to an end, and your kids are heading back to school. Summer's end may have your kids feeling grumpy or nervous as they transition into another year at school-full of learning, new friends, and fresh activities. Below are a few tips to make the back to school transition a bit sweeter.

Kick off the day with a healthy & fun breakfast:

It's the most important meal of the day, and doing a bit of prep work to make sure that your kiddos have something delicious and nutritious will set the tone for the rest of the day. Whip up a batch of whole grain pancakes or cut fruit into fun shapes for them to enjoy before they get on the bus. Be sure that you're engaging with your kids as they enjoy breakfast-the first day of school can be full of nerves and you want to make sure that you're there for them.

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Host a Fashion Show:

Everyone loves showing off their new duds (even if the older kids roll their eyes at the idea). Host a fashion show the night before the first day of school so that your kids can show off their fit!

Send sweet treats to the teacher:

Teachers work hard all summer to put together a curriculum, decorate classrooms, and prepare for the school year. They deserve a little treat, and sending your kid with some cookies baked and decorated by your family is a wonderful and heartfelt way to express your gratitude. Plus, it's a good way for your child to break the ice with their new teacher.

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Cut your kid's sandwiches into fun shapes and be sure to pack a nutritious and filling lunch with a few treats-don't forget dessert! Sweets are good in moderation, and having a sweet treat will keep your kid from trading their lunch!

First Day Photos + Video:

Capture the moment! Don't forget to take the classic first-day-of-school photo. Videos are also a great way to capture the moment-ask them what they want to be when they grow up, what they hope to accomplish this year, or what they're most excited about for the upcoming term. You'll cherish these special moments that only happen once a year.

After School Treats:

Make sure you have some treats and time set aside once they get off the bus. You'll want to hear all about their day, and being prepared with some treats and a listening ear will facilitate conversation. Cut fruit, cheese and crackers, or frozen popsicles made with fresh fruit are great after school snacks.

Back to School Party:

Hosting a back to school party the weekend of the first week of school is a great way to get kids excited about the upcoming school year. Host it at your house, a park, or the beach. Invite all of your kid's classmates, and offer easy snacks and refreshments. A party is a great way to bring the class together and to get students excited about the year ahead.

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The start of the school year is an exciting time for kids. With a bit of planning and shared time together, you and your kids can enjoy a smooth transition from summer to school.

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