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3 Ways to Decorate an Ornament Cookie

3 Ways to Decorate an Ornament Cookie

The round Christmas ornament shape offers a great canvas upon which you can practice a number of techniques and designs. Below are three ways that we like to decorate the round ornament shape. Don't limit yourself! This shape can be decorated a ton of different ways, and the techniques below can be used on many different shapes--from Easter egg to flower cookies.

Snow Globe Christmas Ornament

These snow globe Christmas ornament cookies are a world within a world. These cookies combine a couple of different techniques to create a beautiful, cozy scene. The round ornament is the perfect shape for this design--it offers plenty of space for details.

Get the tutorial here.

Watch how to make snow globe Christmas ornament cookies:

Vintage Ornament Cookies

This monochromatic design gets its *sparkle* from the addition of sanding sugar. Sanding sugar has slightly larger granules than granulated sugar, which gives these ornaments a robust, vintage-inspired texture.

Get the tutorial here.

Watch how to create a vintage textured ornament:

Marbled Herringbone Pattern Ornament Cookies

Don't be intimidated! This herringbone pattern is so easy to do, and is a really fun pattern to create on a number of shapes--from sweaters to ornaments. Because you're adding the green and red details while the white base icing is wet, this is what is known in the cookie world as a "wet on wet" technique.

Get the tutorial here.

Watch how to use the wet-on-wet marbling technique to create a herringbone pattern on your ornament cookie:

Happy decorating! Enjoy decorating this iconic shape in new, unique ways.

Cookies decorated by Mary Mansfield of The Flour Gardener

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