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Cookie & Cocktail Pairings

Cookie & Cocktail Pairings

We've partnered with our friends at Barr Hill to bring you cookie and cocktail pairings that celebrate our pollinators! Barr Hill began as an agricultural initiative between a beekeeper and a distiller, and each year they celebrate both Pollinator Week in mid-June and their signature Bee's Knees Week in the fall. Their commitment to conserving and protecting pollinator habitats has inspired us to spread the word--and to provide some sweet treats to accompany your next cocktail.

Pairing 1: Refresh & Relax

Cocktail: Lavender Limoncello Spritz

Cookie: Lemon Sugar Cookie

This refreshing pairing combines the citrus-y notes of lemon with soothing flavors of lavender for a cocktail and cookie pairing that is perfect for sipping during leisurely summer evenings.

Pairing 2: Cheers to the Pollinators!

Cocktail: Orchard Old Fashioned

Cookie: Honey Sugar Cookies

This warming combination of buttery gin and rich honey is a delicious way to celebrate the pollinators! Honey Sugar Cookies make a perfect pairing for this decadent take on the classic old-fashioned cocktail.

Bonus Pairing: The Icons

Cocktail: The Barr Hill Gin Bee's Knees

Cookie: Ann Clark's Signature Sugar Cookies

Barr Hill is known for their Bee's Knees week, and has helped to popularize the Bee's Knees cocktail, made with gin, lemon juice, and raw honey syrup. Pair this classic cocktail with another classic - Ann Clark's Signature Sugar Cookies - to marry the flavors of two iconic Vermont brands. 


 Images courtesy of Barr Hill



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