About Ann Clark

Artist. Mother. Entrepreneur. Icon. These are just a few of the words that describe our founder… Ann Clark.

Ann ClarkAnn began her professional journey at the University of Maryland where she studied art. After years of painting and creating small gifts for children and local businesses, Ann had the idea to transform her popular pig shaped ornament into a cookie cutter. With determination and perseverance, she was able to convince a manufacturer that her designs had merit and had her first line of cookie cutters produced in 1989. Her cookie cutters featured unique folk-art designs with custom hand-painted recipe cards and were quickly a hit. Ann Clark Ltd. was formed.

Family Business

Clark Family BusinessAs the business grew, Ann was able to convince each of her three adult children to return to Vermont and lend their expertise to her growing business. Together, the Clark family transformed the business from a small home-based business that designed cookie cutters into the leading manufacturer of cookie cutters. Today, the company employs nearly fifty Vermonters, makes millions of cookie cutters and is led by Ann’s son Ben who upholds The Clark Family’s standards for good design, quality products and competitive American manufacturing. The company has grown to become the largest manufacturer of cookie cutters in the world.

Ann still maintains an active role in the business putting her artistry to work – her hand painted designs still adorn the recipe cards of our “traditional” line of products.

Made in the USA – Crafted in Vermont

Made in USAThe Clark family and our employees take great pride in the fact that every one of our cookie cutters is “Made in the USA.” When you buy an Ann Clark product you will know it was made in our manufacturing facility in Rutland, VT by employees who work in a happy and healthy environment and are paid a fair wage. Each of our products is made with US tin plated steel and our packaging is printed locally. Our business actively supports our local community and carries on the centuries-old tradition of fine Vermont craftsmanship.

Food Safe

Food SafeWhen we create a cookie cutter, we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. Food safety is of paramount importance. Each year we certify with multiple independent laboratories to ensure that our cookie cutters meet safety requirements under California’s Proposition 65 for lead and cadmium, CPSIA for lead, and FDA - GRAS for metal intended to come into contact with food. Our company also complies with Bureau Veritas country of origin marking.

Design Excellence

Ann Clark Design ExcellenceAt Ann Clark, we know cookie cutters and the professionals who use them. Careful thought is given to each design and how our customers will use it. We will not use a material that will dye your cookie, melt onto a freshly baked one or create a shape with thin areas that will easily break. Every cookie cutter Ann Clark produces, is made out of tin plated steel designed to be strong enough to easily cut through cookie dough and other soft foods but flexible enough to permit us to create the detailed shapes our customers have come to love. The techniques we have developed over three decades of manufacturing have set us apart, permitting us to create modern, complex shapes with crisp corners and intricate details.

As our manufacturing processes have advanced, so have our shapes. In addition to constantly adding new and trendy shapes, we continually review our catalog looking for any shapes that can be improved. Customer feedback is an essential part of this process. Tell us how we can make our products better; if we agree - we will revamp the shape. Put simply: if a cookie cutter doesn’t make the cut, we will make a better one. That is our commitment to quality.